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Couples Astrology

A Tool For Strategic Parenting 

After reviewing hundreds of charts over the past few years, I realize that using astrology as a tool to strategize your parenting style can minimize childhood trauma simply through awareness.  Identity the natal aspects in a child's birth chart can give clues to the enormous potential and the challenges that may be prevented due to no fault of the parent.  

When a newborn baby takes its first birth, its astrological blueprint is set.  They are now an individual soul separate from the mother.  This blueprint can be used as a road map to guide a parent in creating conscious strategies to support this little soul in reaching its highest potential.  

Parents have the tremendous responsibility of raising their children, with very little information given upon arrival.  Astrology is not concrete but can provide significant clues from the first breath, supporting parents in making good choices.   The child's soul picks their parents to align perfectly with their soul's development.  You are here to guide them through this journey.  

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