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The Value of a Birth Chart

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The stars' positions in the sky at the time of your birth can help you understand the energies into which you were born.

The journey of learning astrology has been a rewarding experience that I wish to share with my clients, friends, and loved ones. You are invited to join me on an adventure of discovery of universal wisdoms set by the planetary energies for centuries.

““Astrology reveals the will of the gods."


Sun Sign Astrology is a small glimpse into your soul.

Sun sign astrology has its place but it is over simplified. We would be better served by traveling through the seven traditional planets and three out planets to gain an indepth understanding of ourselves.

You have different planets in your chart that play a particular role in the play called life. You can use these qualities more effectively if you know who are the players in your picture. All planets in your chart want to integrate with the other planets. Look further into your astrological placements and you will find intricate parts of yourself that you did not know existed.

Virginia Paciocco

Awareness Coach

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