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Zodiac Wheel

Astrology Awareness Coaching

Astrology is a means of expanding CONSCIOUSNESS and awareness through a personal perspective. By considering your birth date, time, and place, astrology offers an opportunity to navigate life with SELF-AWARENESS and the ability to shape your destiny. Identifying your sun sign provides a general overview, as each person is unique. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your birth map, it is necessary to study the entire birth chart.

In a birth chart, all planets have distinct roles and functions. An astrology birth chart reading aims to determine how these planets can be utilized to live life optimally. However, not all planets are active simultaneously. Their influence is determined by the movement of the skies, indicating when they take center stage. By learning about and exploring the timing and activities in your chart, you can exercise free will to make CHOICES that fulfill your potential based on your birth promise.

I am here to guide you through the intricacies of your birth chart, supporting you in becoming the best version of YOURSELF. The process involves observations and awareness without judgment, negativity, or predetermined outcomes.


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