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Mind-Gut Immunity Community
Trauma Awareness Coaching 

Trauma, whether big or small, can cause pain and suffering, requiring healing. Through trauma awareness, we help you unlock the potential source of your suffering while bringing attention to the mental undercurrents of physical symptoms. Virginia takes a unique approach to working with clients as part of the Mind-Gut Immunity community. The Awareness Coaching sessions are designed to engage clients in a collaborative team approach so that with our help, you can finally get to the bottom of what has been holding you back. Many people are transformed after just one session, but if you are looking for deeper self-awareness and long-term life-altering change, then coaching is for you.  

Single 45 Min Session $150

The Single Session is a great way to experience the power of life coaching.  This 45-minute session will help uncover the potential of life coaching and allow us to decide if we are a good fit for each other. The call is designed to create positive momentum and foster meaningful change and growth.


Three 45 min Awareness Coach Sessions $450

The Three-Session Awareness Coaching Package is perfect for those who wish to dive a bit deeper into their healing journey. This package provides more time to explore traumas and uncover the necessary steps to move forward. With this package, you will be given the opportunity to work on yourself, guided by an experienced life coach, allowing you to foster the courage and compassion needed to heal.

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Six 45 min Awareness Coach Sessions $900

The six-session Awareness Coach package provides an opportunity to take a deep dive into self-discovery. Through this journey, you can re-discover your true authentic self before trauma and conditioning happen. This type of change takes time and courage, so make the commitment to yourself and take your life to the next level.  


Quick 30 Min Check-In $100

This Quick 30-Min Check-In session is designed to help you tackle any immediate crisis or roadblock that you may be facing. We'll work together to quickly devise a strategy to minimize stress and fear and help you move forward. This session will give you the clarity and confidence to make the best decisions for your situation.

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